Full Moon in Aries, Chaos and Order

The Full Moon in Aries is October 9th, 2022. We have the Sun in Libra opposing the Moon in Aries, lighting up the axis highlighting the themes of our lives revolving around cooperation and singularity. The Sun in Libra inspires action towards partnership and as Libra is cardinal air, we are unafraid to initiate conversations around this. The question becomes, how can we work together while I’m still getting what I want?


Full Moon in Pisces, Reveal What’s Pure

The Full Moon in Pisces is September 10th, 2022. The Sun in Virgo is opposite the Moon in Pisces, lighting up the axis in our lives that is asking us to, paradoxically, to control and to let go. The Sun in Virgo inspires us to recognize and regain control where we have it, and can safely exercise it, where every and any action counts. In focusing so much on the nitty-gritty, oriented details, the Full Moon in Pisces is highlighting the pinnacle of our desire in the opposite space. The place where we wish to let go and allow life to happen to us. In our relentless quest for control, we discover the deep respite in giving it up completely, somewhere else, along with the awareness that we can’t have one without the other.

Full Moon in Aquarius, Product of our Environment

the urge to definewith sharp edges and hard lineswould only arise if you assumed the world to be your judge, jury, and executioner your individuality needs not to come at the costof your community even nature could never nurture herselfwater gives her lifelight allows her growthwind ensures her survivalnone could exist in a vacuumwe are… Continue reading Full Moon in Aquarius, Product of our Environment

New Moon in Leo, The Passenger

The New Moon in Leo is this July 28th, 2022. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sign of Leo. With Leo representing the part of our life where we wish to shine and be seen, we might be focused on exactly that but left feeling lost or confused regardless. That is because at the time of the dark Moon, we tend towards being unaware of how we feel, and what we need, and rather just acting out of ego.

New Moon in Cancer – Fleeting Desperation

The New Moon in Cancer is June 29th, or 28th, depending where you are in the world, of 2022. The basis of the Sun and Moon conjunct in the sign of Cancer, is action-oriented desire for emotional stability. There is a sense of stability in each of the first signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer - with Cancer being stability regarding our emotional landscape. Represented by the crab, the energy of Cancer can be dodgy, in protection of the sensitive and soft, but temperamental self that is ruled by feeling. The house which Cancer lives, in your chart, can show you where this archetype can show up in your life.

Full Moon in Sagittarius – In Your Stillness

The Full Moon in Sagittarius of 2022 is on June 14th. This is a time for loosening the reigns on whatever passions we've been holding close to us, and with a tight grip. An acknowledgment that the seeds have had enough time to germinate, and take root. The gestation period is over, if you let it be. If you want your passion to flower, this is the time move it to a bigger pot, with faith that you nurtured it well enough that it can learn to survive with more independence. Allowing others in to help pollinate your idea-plant, because it needs and deserves the diversity in thought.

Natal Moon in the First House

Having the natal Moon in the first house of one’s birth chart can represent an individual who deeply identifies with their emotions. As a result, at their core, they are fueled by desire — as emotions are the product of the callings of the heart, fulfilled or not. For this person to understand the reason for their mood, and its’ swings, attempts should be made to search for the root cause — that is, where the feeling is stemming from. Questions like, ‘what is it that I’m not getting, and that I need, that is causing me to feel like this?’ can help in that search. Because the line between want and need can be so fine, even the most trivial of desires are indicative of a not so trivial, but innate necessity, that has not materialized for them, in their opinion.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The full moon and lunar eclipse May 16th, 2022 is in the sign of Scorpio. The depth of our commitment, triggered in an especially unforgettable way. The Moon conjunct the South Node is symbolic of an intense, unmistakable desire to gain back something that we lost somewhere along the way, something that is of no small importance. A part of our purpose that we’ve been neglecting, naturally, while being pulled by the current of our lives. It is also a celebration in the acknowledgement of this missing piece, in all of its integrity. With the Sun conjunct the North Node in Taurus, we are supported in taking the steps to find that part of ourselves, once again.