Full Moon in Aries, Chaos and Order

Words that dance around meaning
eventually stampeding
feeling is the space
that lets meaning breath
sounds move with form
to transcend perception
and get lost in translation

If love is the feeling
that permeates every sentence
reigns over every emotion
you share with another
while you anticipate the future
and contemplate the limitations
of your communication

It is control you lack
but intention you control
suddenly it’s okay
to play the game
taking responsibility for
the life that happens to you
riding the waves instead
of letting them ride you

pulled beneath the surface
to marvel at the beauty
of this liminal space
the salt stings your eyes
And water attempts
to penetrate every open place
the less you struggle, kick and scream
the easer you float back
to the wind on your face

Believe in something
you could never know
if only out of self-control
I’m already going to hell
why not burn down
the house down along the way?
chaos and order
are not the only two states

A huge field lies in between
and there we can meet
a place with no expectations
based off of traditions
built on foundations of fear
where cooperation is camaraderie
and partnership is not mandatory
or required but regaled and requited

Space to show up
as just me and just you
love, the only truth

The Full Moon in Aries is October 9th, 2022. We have the Sun in Libra opposing the Moon in Aries, lighting up the axis highlighting the themes of our lives revolving around cooperation and singularity. The Sun in Libra inspires action towards partnership and as Libra is cardinal air, we are unafraid to initiate conversations around this. The question becomes, how can we work together while I’m still getting what I want?

The Moon in Aries is illuminating our desire for ramming through with only regard for ourselves and what we want. The connection inspires us to find the middle ground, the grey area. That is, accepting that we don’t want everything we think we do if it means we are eating alone at the end of the day. It is also that we do not want what we don’t, if only for the comfort of being surrounded by people with whom we have nothing in common, except the desire to not be alone.

The Moon is opposite Venus in Libra and the temptation of folding towards ideals of love, beauty and harmony is even sweeter. It seems like these ideals lie extraordinarily outside of what we need, in the lap of what draws us. The Sun is also conjunct Venus and our actions are increasingly aligned with what we deem pleasurable.

In some ways, all things Venusian sweep in with the purpose of blinding us, distracting us, tempting us to look outside of ourselves for love and success. There is nothing wrong with looking without for our satisfaction, as long as we’re not forgetting that it comes just as powerfully from within. Upon a deeper look, what we really want is to be our own whole and complete person, with or without what we seek from the world and its illusions.

The Moon is making a sextile to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. The waning of our responsibilities has meant that we’ve overlooked them. But they creep back up into our consciousness with the Full Moon. With the Sun trining Saturn we see them lurking in their shadows, it is up to us to decide if we want to acknowledge them.

Mars in Gemini is making a square to Neptune, still retrograde in Pisces. The authoritarian part of us is ready to go to war over surface level thoughts and trivial inclinations. Does this thing you are ready to jump off the cliff for even mean anything to you, or do you just want to jump? Neptune is challenging that part of ourselves to consider the limitations of our limitlessness. If there were only so many opportunities to jump, how many would we waste? We are being asked to pick our battles because you could win every one, but what would you have in the end?

Mars is also making a trine to Saturn and these urges are not exactly being hindered by what holds us down. We are not directly being told no, so it is up to ourselves and our inner knowing to determine what the good fight is. This could be a playful time to feed your fancy if you are already very disciplined and responsible. If you are not (like me) you should consider what the wisest use of that time is, because whatever responsibilities we choose to neglect as a result of choosing play will only come back to bite us later.

Mercury is direct again in late Virgo and opposite Jupiter retrograde in the first degrees of Aries. Everything we thought we were completely prepared to take head-on, in the so many months ago that Jupiter entered Aries, has reared its ugly head to bring us back, nearly to the drawing board. But not all progress is lost because now we find the opportunity to realign our thought processes more realistically to what we are capable of. While in Jupiter retrograde we are learning exactly what we are not yet prepared for. We are aligning our mindsets now to the path that takes us forward with our two feet firmly planted on the ground.

At the same time, Mercury is trining Pluto (now direct!) in Capricorn. This is a testament to having our power back, with a fresh perspective on how best to utilize it. Pluto retrograde has shown us what a healthy and effective use of our power and influence is, by showing us what it is not. Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo took us back into old patterns to show us just how much we’ve outgrown them. With this transit, we’re supported in the conscionable steps we take towards manifesting our will.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus is tightly squaring off with Saturn. The lightning fast changes that happen in the themes in our lives that revolve around comfort and stability, on a break to find its bearings. Asking ourselves what we are revolting against. Are we rebels without a cause? Are we just being martyrs, masochists or sadists? Remember what you are doing it all for, if the reason is not directly confronting you. And if you can’t, maybe you should pull yourself back from the illusion long enough to discover it again, before it discovers you.

Pluto is once again direct, but still sextile Neptune retrograde. So at least we are no longer a victim, at least we have become reacquainted with the power we have over our lives. But as the illusions of infinity continue to fade, we seem better equipped to handle the implications, the consequences of our misled actions. Empowered, if you wanted you could face every issue you have head on.

Happy Full Moon in Aries! xx


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