Full Moon in Pisces, Reveal What’s Pure

in waiting for the green light
the opportune time
the peace goes undisturbed
intact as the natural order

your surrounding environment rushes past
your heart beats steadily within
could you sift through the noise
to hear its rhythm?

cutting away the decayed layers
revealing what’s pure
sacrificing the rotting flesh at the cost
of rendering your being incomplete
left with only a seed
bare bones or an abundance
of sweet meat
how much space is left for more?

room for a colony
not built off the back of another
negate the pillage and the plunder
a reforestation of deserted lands
through cooperation understanding and
expanding what exists not
migrating into the unknown
your entity complete

The Full Moon in Pisces is September 10th, 2022. The Sun in Virgo is opposite the Moon in Pisces, lighting up the axis in our lives that is asking us to, paradoxically, to control and to let go. The Sun in Virgo inspires us to recognize and regain control where we have it, and can safely exercise it, where every and any action counts. In focusing so much on the nitty-gritty, oriented details, the Full Moon in Pisces is highlighting the pinnacle of our desire in the opposite space. The place where we wish to let go and allow life to happen to us. In our relentless quest for control, we discover the deep respite in giving it up completely, somewhere else, along with the awareness that we can’t have one without the other.

The Full Moon in Pisces is trine the South Node in Scorpio, and sextile the North Node in Taurus while the Sun is trine the North Node and sextile the South. Our familiarity with past experiences are inherently linked with our quest into the unknown. We know what we don’t want, in this moment, more than we know what we do. There is nothing of concern, as long as we keep swimming each stroke is unraveling the thread of our destiny.

Mercury has turned retrograde in Libra, trining Mars in Gemini and opposing Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Mercury, who is rethinking what has already been rethought, reconsidering what fair for everybody involved really is, is challenged by Mars, who wants to channel our frustration through hyperactivity. Any restlessness we feel, particularly in the extremities, can be attributed to the mind and its overstimulation.

Finding something to do with the hands and arms especially can alleviate this energy and still the mind. The answers can’t always be found in pondering, nor even in discussing. Sometimes you find your solution in a paradigm, in the process of doing something completely unrelated but which has completely captured your, in this case, physical attention.

On the other hand, with Jupiter opposite Mercury retrograde, we are resisting the amplification of our uncertainties in dealings with others by the innate focus on the needs of ourselves. Say you’re given a problem which needs solving, the more parameters you are given for your solution, the easier you will arrive at it. Jupiter is asking us to acknowledge our parameters, to be discovered in our selfishness. Mercury is suggesting we consider everyone except ourselves in our dilemma and Jupiter is reminding us of our basis, ourself.

So yes, while your issue might have a million and one fixes, chances are that only a few would actually resonate with you. Libra wants to know every detail, every perspective before arriving to a conclusion but Aries would rather remain in the need to know. The power of Aries lies in being able to filter out what it considers to be insignificant. Let’s remain grateful for what we do not know, because on the other side of that lies an even longer list of uncertainties. The balance to be found is in how we can be more considerate of others by focusing more on ourselves.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is squaring off with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. What makes you feel safe, and how has that changed in definition from what it was, let’s say five years ago? Chances are that you’ve grown in a direction that is not so normative, and considerably progressive. If you choose to resist these changes, which are always aligned with your highest truth, you’ll be forced to learn the lessons of your misguided resistance again and again until they’ve been drilled down, for as long as Uranus remains in Taurus.

Saturn arrives into the equation as an added measure to be sure that those lessons really sink in. Our obligations to our community are being recalibrated to these changing lifestyle definitions. How are our responsibilities to our chosen communities aligning with our needs for security? Is there an increase or a decrease? Have you created room or do you need to make room?

You know I still have to mention Pluto retrograde in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces… it is not the most obvious transit as the effects of a sextile usually go by unnoticed, due to just how subtle they can be. But they are indeed still at play in our psyche, our lives, and of course on the global scale. The conception of control is coming up with this Full Moon, and Neptune in Pisces has shown us the extent of just how illusory the concept of separateness can be. Retrogrades are a test to see how much, exactly, we have learned and whether or not we need to be taught the lesson again.

So the question arises, how are we utilizing the lessons that we’ve learned from Neptune? Are we using our expansiveness to support the grip that we have on power, to grow it even? Pluto is the most beautiful planet in our solar system, the smallest, and also the last, with extensive debates on its feasibility as a heavenly body. Its beauty, its evasiveness, its capacity to divide and polarize, are all inextricably linked to its power. Pluto begs us to consider our intentions. Whatever they may be we almost certainly will reap the outcomes of them. If we don’t periodically check in, we inevitably lose track. Check in.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!


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