Full Moon in Aquarius, Product of our Environment

the urge to define
with sharp edges and hard lines
would only arise if you assumed the world
to be your judge, jury, and executioner
your individuality
needs not to come at the cost
of your community

even nature could never nurture herself
water gives her life
light allows her growth
wind ensures her survival
none could exist in a vacuum
we are here for each other, in service
bridging the gap, always our purpose

stability is there and always will be
if you turn your head to the side
it even looks like prosperity
still you strive, and
who’s to say you haven’t
completely missed the mark?
because the celebration never came
fulfillment never filled you and
each goal you surpassed
you blindly walked past.

could you step back from the barrage of problems
which command your focus long enough
to appreciate the lengths you’ve come
a stones’ throw or football fields away
from the old fears, stress, anxieties
tens to hundreds of billable hours
recounting, analyzing from every angle
wracking your brain over
sleepless nights and wasted potential
unaware of just how, mostly each loose end
tied itself, requiring you only as its witness
and its champion

the wood that fills your bucket
and feeds your fire anytime it fades
can be renewed but
if it burns too bright
scorching the earth that supports it
holding on for dear life to all that
its consuming grip declares
as its own blazing territory
could you snuff it out
with water from that same bucket?

you are exactly someone idolized by
a past version of yourself
how accurate was she?
would she sing your praises?
could you do that for her now,
will you sing her praises?

The Full Moon in Aquarius is August 12th, or 11th of 2022, depending where you are in the world… and the Moon is opposite the Sun in Leo. The dichotomous themes of being proud of what make us who we are, while finding our place among others, and not losing ourselves trying to fit in, while not feeling alienated by our eccentricity, come up with this Full Moon. Leo wants to shine for all that it can be while Aquarius finds respite in being part of the collective, and somehow it becomes a matter of toeing the line between the two.

The Moon is conjunct Saturn retrograding in Aquarius and we find our desires for assimilating contained. The purpose here can be found here by trying to see beyond the egoic, and fickle wants and needs of the moment, even if it feels like an eternity. Saturn opposite the Sun is asking us to consider that we don’t need to always be the center of our universe, that maybe life is better when we put others first.

Uranus and the North Node are still conjunct, creating a T-Square with the Sun and Moon. These major changes that have barreled into our lives have not slowed down, one thing after another deeply questioning our identity — what exactly makes us so special and how that plays into what we have to offer. Questions of whether we really want what we have, or if we are sacrificing for a deeper commitment, and if that commitment can be bigger than ourselves. This transit is asking us to look beyond our ego and our desires about what we expect of ourselves and from our lives, and how much that comes out of relating, and needing to relate to things external.

Mars in Taurus is square Saturn and we’re holding back from rebelling against everything we fought so hard to gain stability towards, since Uranus has been transiting Taurus (since 2018). Saturn is always asking us to think twice, to slow our rolls, and Mars in Taurus has the staying power to do so. After this transit, whatever action is taken will be one that is thought through enough to be called certain.

You know… we still have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces. They both move slower than molasses but that doesn’t make their impact any less significant. This time, I’m called to bring up the bottomless pit that is our desire for power if left unchecked, and how our dreams can only add fuel to that fire. How much is enough?

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! xx


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