New Moon in Leo, The Passenger

is your joy innate?
do you have to keep going
or can you be happy while you wait?
do you expect a standing ovation
while the physical world catches up
with your energetic advancements?

you can’t watch the clock and not
expect it to tick past a minute in an hour
could you manage to not
throw your hands up in defeat?
could you restrain yourself from making decisions
the consequences of which you are
ultimately unprepared for?

can you do it without
overthinking each action
finding wholeness in yourself
releasing the need to be loved
through cheap attempts to buy, sell and trade
a little bit more

if you were on a platform at a station,
not a person, schedule, or train in sight
no one and nothing to entertain
how long would it take?
until you were bouncing off the walls
screaming into the void
and pulling out your hair

and what would be the point
if the train was arriving
with a group of bubbling passengers
at any minute.
before you realized
it was never about the train.

you’re expected to shine
even when you don’t feel shiny
you can feel like a passenger
hopeless to the hand of fate
destination not in sight
along for the ride
but it should not hold you back
where once you would’ve leapt

you can still stand firm
command the carriage
be the conductor.

The New Moon in Leo is this July 28th, 2022. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sign of Leo. With Leo representing the part of our life where we wish to shine and be seen, we might be focused on exactly that but left feeling lost or confused regardless. That is because at the time of the dark Moon, we tend towards being unaware of how we feel, and what we need, and rather just acting out of ego.

The Sun and Moon are trine Jupiter in Aries and our ego is exacerbated by our idealogical thinking, which can be self-centered. It is easy to view these conceptions as the singular truth, but it is not, not even for ourselves. What was true for you then, does not have to be true now and what is true for you now did not need to be true then. Acting in a way that is best for oneself and neglectful in thought of everyone else is, in the end, good for nobody.

Mars is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Uranus is conjunct the North Node. This can represent dramatically impactful, and sudden action, taken toward our futures. Don’t be surprised by some unanticipated jolt of electricity, traveling down your spine, causing you to sit up straight and rethink everything you thought to be true regarding your future.

At the same time, Uranus is opposite the South Node and all these unexpected changes in our lives are a 180 degree spin from everything we knew, or thought we did. Somehow it feels like we are moving further and further away from who we thought we were. Rather, it’s more like the swinging of a pendulum, which feels drastic at first and eventually slows to a rhythmic and in-obstinate lull.

Mars, Uranus, the North Node, and the South Node are squaring Mercury in Leo and our minds and communication are inherently affected by the drama of our reality. The moment that we start to believe we have it figured out, a wrench is thrown into our plan and we are forced to reevaluate. We want to be in the right so badly, but rarely is that the case with this transit. It is not the time to make promises, and definitive statements.

Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Black Moon Lilith, or Lilith, is a point along the Moon’s orbital path which is the furthest from Earth. This point represents the, quote unquote, dark side of the Moon — our deepest desires and the repression of. Venus conjunct Lilith is symbolizing an acceptance of that part of ourselves, even a celebration of it. What part of yourself have you been repressing for so long, because you thought it was too shameful to see the light? Bringing light to it in this time is could be favorable because of Venus’ influence.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces is still here… so I’m checking in again to ask, where are you imagining boundaries that, in fact, do not exist? And where are you failing to enforce boundaries that should be enforced? Chances are likely that the two are connected.

Happy New Moon in Leo! xx

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