Full Moon in Capricorn – Electric Destiny

are you aligned?
with whether or not
what you wish to offer is
what is required from you?

do you do what you do
out of expectations and an
inability to let go of
who you were
out of bravado, ego, pride
out of empathy?

for yourself and the ones you love
or the ones you don’t
for the human condition and its’
respective social climate?
you could only find respite in your cause
if it was worthy of your effort
but are you still listening?

the turn of the tide is
the moment you uncross your arms and
take off the blindfold
the moment you felt prepared,
marinated and well-seasoned
adequately meditated on
your method of execution
as if your credibility relied on it
because it does.

you know you’re ready for what you want
if you can stand still long enough
for the swinging to stop
and the momentum to build
but if you’re afraid you’ll miss out if you do
you’ll be diligently served
on a never-ending conveyor belt
an enticing, but infinite array of temporary solutions
to your permanent problems

even if you’ve already shown your hand
in a game you never wanted to play
because you didn’t want to seem weak,
it’s fun to talk a big game
but not so much to go back on your word

if sticking to the plan
causes a war to rage on within
then by all means turn around
run for the hills
cry for your mother and
curse your father
do anything but apologize
for how you feel

The Full Moon in Capricorn is July 13, 2022. The Sun is in Cancer, opposite the Moon in Capricorn. The Sun in Cancer moves us towards emotional stability while the Moon in Capricorn leaves us desiring responsibility and respect from the commitment of ourselves to a cause. This is the turn of the tide, recalibrating our emotional reality to attune to what we consider our responsibilities to our physical reality to be. Whether we are prepared for those responsibilities, or not, given our current emotional context, and its development, over the past two weeks.

Uranus in Taurus is conjunct the North Node, and the Moon is making a trine to both. We are witnessing massively impactful, real-time changes to the trajectory of our future — ones which we never expected but somehow they don’t seem as shocking as they actually are because these changes are in alignment to what we truly want for ourselves. The easiest way to get through it is to not resist the unusual and unnatural, but to see and hear them for what they represent for us.

At the same time, the Moon is making a sextile to the South Node in Scorpio and all the while that we are looking towards the future, we are not neglecting the past — more specifically the resounding effects of the past. We are still discreetly aware of how the deeply intense and defining moments of the past are affecting what we want from the future. And what we want is… to not repeat the same mistakes by living out the same psychological patterns that have gotten us presently where we are now, emotionally but also materially.

Conversely, the Sun is making a trine to the South Node in Scorpio, while making a sextile to Uranus and the North Node. In this way our actions are increasingly characterized by those intense moments which live in our past and have shaped us in one way or another. If those particularly traumatic moments from the past are unrecognized and unhealed, you could find yourself acting out a negative expression of them, in one way or another. However, the sooner that you alchemize them, turning them into something positive, or at the very least uninflammatory, you realize how much better off you are for it. Knowing that even if they are defining, they don’t define you. The actions we are taking now, regardless of how inflammatory they are, are also in support our electric destinies.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is trining Venus in Gemini. Saturn retrograde is a recalibration in what we consider our obligations to the collective to be. Whatever greater good or cause that we have stood or dedicated a part of ourselves for is requiring realignment, adjustment to all the new and developing data that we are constantly, but perhaps not consciously, processing. Venus is Gemini is bringing a playful, lightheartedness to new ideas. Together, the application of these new ideas towards what feels like the heaviness of our responsibilities make them so much more palatable.

Finally, we still have Neptune retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Seeing the conditionality in the unconditional. Wherever we’ve felt limitless, even a bit delusional in (to our benefit of course) is feeling so much more real, and even problematic as a result. Trust that limitless feeling for what it was worth, and how it has changed your life for the better. Maybe you feel like you need to worry much more about it now, because of external pressures and dynamic shifts but trust that everything, in this moment, is exactly okay because it is. And you can tackle everything that comes along, one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built, or destroyed, in a day.

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn, xx


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