New Moon in Cancer – Fleeting Desperation

temporary feelings
bring fleeting desperation
in rocky waters you hold fast
to anything that feels like truth
and security, even for a moment.

if the waves stopped for each ship that passed
how long would it take to get anywhere?
if we acted on each impulse we had
how often would we oscillate
between left and right, east and west
up and down, north and south
before you arrived home?

you can take one step forward and two steps back
you can move from side to side
evasively, like the crab, but if so
you cannot be riddled with impatience
at the speed of your progression

any hasty action
or cutting of corners
could never match up
to the reward that comes
from what you see through
and to its bitter end.
but you are not there,
not even close.

before pulling out your pinchers in defense
of whatever predator you imagine would pierce through
your tough exterior
remember your path is
the fertile ground you walk,
and not the one way over there

but you find joy in this little dance you do
because you don’t need to go
as fast as you’ve been going
and it’s okay to slow down
to appreciate the view.

The New Moon in Cancer is June 29th, or 28th, depending where you are in the world, of 2022. The basis of the Sun and Moon conjunct in the sign of Cancer, is action-oriented desire for emotional stability. There is a sense of stability in each of the first signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer – with Cancer being stability regarding our emotional landscape. Represented by the crab, the energy of Cancer can be dodgy, in protection of the sensitive and soft, but temperamental self that is ruled by feeling. The house which Cancer lives, in your chart, can show you where this archetype can show up in your life.

The Sun and Moon are square Jupiter in Aries, and we can find our philosophies for rectifying the chaos that our impermanent but turbulent feelings cause by knowing ourselves, coming home to ourselves and finding the stability in who we are and what our path is. Cancer can bring up feelings of wanting to evade disaster by jumping ship when our current reality fails to match our expectations, but Aries reminds us that we indeed do know ourselves deeply. That we can stick to the course even if, in the moment we are against our better judgement for doing so.

Happy New Moon in Cancer, xx


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