Full Moon in Sagittarius – In Your Stillness

humility and finding it
amid stillness, you discover
something you need and
somewhere to go but you know
you can’t do it on your own.

and you find it when
you don’t immediately assume
where it is, and who has it
what you need to do to go and get it.

in your stillness you find
there is healing
and you no longer need the bandaid
so you rip it off.
and even if the air is infected
and you could be hurt again
at least you can breathe on your own
at least you can be free.

you don’t have to dig to find
the rhyme or reason for anything
if you let the past be
by finding inspiration for the future
in all its uncertainty.

your fate
is in your hands to create
though it is far too much work
to do alone
to keep quiet and to act as
a one-person-circus
to be afraid
of being wrong and
of making mistakes
to be afraid of failing.

because failure is just success
dressed inappropriately
and the more you are willing
to take the risk and to possibly
make a fool of yourself
all the more rewarding will it feel when
you’re finally on theme

would you rather be seen as perfect –
as the sole winner with the
house on a hill made of glass
on display as
a god among mortals –
inciting all
the fear, respect, admiration, and envy of your subjects

or would you prefer to be seen as human –
flawed and slightly embarrassing but
with a foundation strong enough
to break the hardest fall
built by the tens
of hundreds
of thousands
as imperfect but curious as you?

you could be a god, almighty and powerful
you could do it on your own or
you could be human
part of a whole yet
whole on your own and
surrounded by
all the other parts
that your whole
is comprised of
who give as much
as they receive in return.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius of 2022 is on June 14th. This is a time for loosening the reigns on whatever passions we’ve been holding close to us, and with a tight grip. An acknowledgment that the seeds have had enough time to germinate, and take root. The gestation period is over, if you let it be. If you want your passion to flower, this is the time move it to a bigger pot, with faith that you nurtured it well enough that it can learn to survive with more independence. Allowing others in to help pollinate your idea-plant, because it needs and deserves the diversity in thought.

The Sun and Moon are making a square to Neptune in Pisces, and our ideas are grandiose and fantastical. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is making a sextile to the Moon, and a trine to the Sun, balancing out the dreamy energy of Neptune with practicality, and responsibility. It is as if we have one foot in the clouds, and the other on the ground. The hardest part, indeed, is finding the middle where we are not overextended in either direction. This is where you can find your grip through the help of others. Allowing yourself to open up to the possibility of being criticized before being praised, and accepting that you can’t receive true support, until you can handle rejection. Neptune is also making a sextile to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, reminding us to be careful of basing our dreams off of egoic intentions for power.

Venus in Taurus is conjunct the North Node, and opposite the South Node in Scorpio and we are drawn towards all that is beautiful, redirecting our focus from everything that we know not to be in our lives. Though we can try and avoid all the ugly parts of our reality for now, they will still be there tomorrow. Maybe we can get away with dealing with them later… After all, it is the Full Moon and time for celebration of all our hard work over the past month.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius, xx


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