Natal Moon in the First House

ruled by desire
with truth at its root
and always in pursuit
of emotional fulfillment

heart on your sleeve
you could not deceive
yourself out of an urge
from the core of your being

patient until yoked
mild mannered until provoked
but steady is the bull who knows
when and where it goes

as consistent as the tide and
as predictable in nature with its’
high and low
push and pull
fast and slow, yet with
a force unmistakeable and
a manifestation unquestionable
stubborn, rooted, powerful

inclinations likened
to animalistic impulses
an inner knowing that need not
be rationalized with words and logic

intuited attempts
to insist the natural order
through an establishment of power
that is best expressed
as allegorical grandiosity
with intentions understood
as stories told symbolically

Having the natal Moon in the first house of one’s birth chart can represent an individual who deeply identifies with their emotions. As a result, at their core, they are fueled by desire — as emotions are the product of the callings of the heart, fulfilled or not. For this person to understand the reason for their mood, and its’ swings, attempts should be made to search for the root cause — that is, where the feeling is stemming from. Questions like, ‘what is it that I’m not getting, and that I need, that is causing me to feel like this?’ can help in that search. Because the line between want and need can be so fine, even the most trivial of desires are indicative of a not so trivial, but innate necessity, that has not materialized for them, in their opinion.

Negative emotions can be indicative of deeper, unresolved issues and past trauma — experiences which have shaped us in some way and of which we have no true desire to experience again. However, that root, especially if it is buried deep within ourselves is not always immediately or completely obvious. It requires an objective view to be seen, and Moon in the first house people’s sight is usually clouded by a foggy, and temperamental lens. Once is it understood that feelings are just a current that is meant to be rode from one destination to the next, it is so much easier to steer the ship. And sometimes storms are meant to be rode out, and not taken personally, but after it passes the sun shines brighter. Eventually you arrive to that positive feeling, which feels so good because it affirms that you are getting closer to something you innately desire. Understanding that feelings could never lead you astray, if you know that the intention behind them is good.

Though the person with their natal Moon in their first house may not exactly know how to verbalize what it is they are feeling, their reactions will show it. When provoked or triggered, especially if they’re not self-aware, they can be a hurricane, destroying whatever is in it’s way, paving the way for something else, and lashing out in order to have that part of themselves seen and respected. They inherently know what they want, but they need to be conscientious of the steps they are making towards it, otherwise they might find their subconscious actions taking the ropes. Accepting themselves as an emotional being, intentionality should be at their forefront to avoid being misread and misunderstood due to their cyclical and provocative nature. And when they begin acting out of a place of intention, their commitment and dedication is compassionately passionate and unshakeable. The emotional body is not one that needs to be shamed and tamed, but seen and respected as the governing authority that it is, in order to be understood.

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