New Moon in Gemini, The Puppet Master

the you, who makes the decision
takes the action
never is in complete control
of the way your life unfolds.

lightning may strike, of course
redirecting your course
but mostly, walls break down
because of abandoned structures,
repeated impact, and
neglected safety measures.
the chaos which ensues
is no one’s fault, except everyone

there was no one choice
which led you to where you are
but a series of them,
none of which were in vain
a sequence of conscious actions that
brought you to your subconscious goal

realizing just how much
conscious and subconscious
ego and id
Adam and Eve
married and separate
are irrevocably linked
more aware of one than the other, sure
but the one that lurks in the shadows
controls more than you think
what if you let them live side by side?

any action you take
whether or not it is in haste
thought through or impulsed
smart or dumb
right or wrong
got you where you needed to go
accept it or don’t but

within you lives a puppet master
who knows your deepest truths
is pulling your invisible strings
a little this way, a little that
playing you like a harp and
pushing your buttons
always with your best intentions
in making those truths, come true

and so a snowball becomes an avalanche
which cannot be stopped
the carnage may not be saved
especially through meager attempts
if all the pieces are in place,
the plan is carried out
and sought through
no longer a choice
call it destiny
there is no turning back
save for a miracle.

This year’s New Moon in Gemini is on May 30th, 2022. Jupiter in Aries is conjunct Mars, signifying action that is oriented towards our ideals — that is whatever has been brewing in our psyche over the last year of Jupiter in Pisces, and it is showing it’s face from any angle.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Taurus, and we are acutely aware of our destiny. The two are making a square to Saturn in Aquarius. While we may have our sights set on the big picture, somehow we still find ourselves weighed down by our baggage. That being whatever is keeping us stagnant, rooted, and limited in our lives.

Happy New Moon in Gemini, xx


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