New Moon in Taurus

What is good enough
How and where have you been sold a dream
by wolves in sheep’s clothing
opening up, time and time to endless possibility
Resisting better judgement only to discover
it is never as it seems

And maybe, the only thing you know is that you don’t
You are not everything you thought you wanted to be
what they wanted you to be
and who you thought you should be
because you wanted from them
what already exists within you.

If you think you’re not doing enough right
and you’re doing too much wrong
because you don’t have
what they say you should and when
whosoever comes along to claim
i know better
you might believe they do.

Have you defined what success means to you?
Reject the dependent companionship
which come at the cost of your divine independence
Reject the objective justice
which comes at the cost of your subjective truth

Acceptance that what is right for me
may not be right for you
But I could never know
ever-changing body and soul.

The new moon is in the sign of Taurus, this April 30th, 2022. Taurus represents comfort, stability, and essentially everything we need to feel safe. With the north node in Taurus, and south node in Scorpio, this is also the beginning of a new season of eclipses in these signs – amplified energy and focused intensity on the themes being brought to the surface of our lives, beginning this new moon. These themes can revolve around your perception of your security and prosperity, depending on where Taurus lives in your chart.

The sun and moon are loosely conjunct the planet Uranus, indicating upheaval and sudden change, even revolution regarding these themes. You may find yourself confronted with a sudden shift in your desires for your abundance, an attempt to get you closer to your destiny. Allowing yourself to align with these shifts, not holding on too tightly to them in attempt to feel grounded in the midst of uncertainty, makes them seamless. When these desires for change arise, there also needs to be an adjustment in the way we go about actualizing them. A sextile to Mars is there to facilitate that required energy.

While Mars does not have its most logical or grounded expression in Pisces, it is active nonetheless, just in a more fluid and subconscious way. As Jupiter is also in Pisces (conjunct Venus!), it is still a great time to be more dreamy, shooting for the stars and aiming for the moon. Your new approach doesn’t exactly need to make sense, even to yourself. Acknowledgement of these urges in new directions is, in a way, nurturing to them. Giving yourself permission to dream is fuel to Mars’ fire.

Lastly, we have the nodes squaring Saturn in Aquarius. The areas of your life receiving amplified energy and focus, represented by the nodes, are met with tension and resistance by our obligations and duties, represented by Saturn. This is a call to remember that you are not just obliged to your selfish concerns and pursuits, but that you are also obliged by your responsibility to some greater good.

Happy new moon, xx!


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